Darman store  operates to fashion for all ages the finest quality garments and accessories in the most feasible prices.


The first shop set up by the business was in naghri ahmad shah gujranwala in 2004, established under the name “raaj store”

In 2006, the fisrt darman store outlet was established also in naghri ahmad shah gujranwala. As a retailer in kids,boys and girls clothing

the business had now grown to specialize kids,uniforms,boys,girls,gents,ladyies,baby care, garments .


After the success of this shops, in 16/05/2016  took big step by launching a darman store fixe price in the same area.after that

. The outlet was a huge success.


Darman.store have  a website which is selling online to local customers, all with very co-operative staff members. And has a very wide variety of products available.


Over the passage of time, the company acquired better and more efficient staff that has enhanced the dealing process

Due to this darman store have a name in terms of quality and uniqueness


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